Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Preventing Loses

Sometimes we are our own enemy due to a condition called arrogance and stubborness.  Whether this terrible condition is manifested in a passive or aggressive manner it impedes our ability to look inside and assess areas in our life that need modification and streghtening of the weaker areas. It is not until a storm is announced or at times we wait until its arrival to decide to start making changes.  Do not wait for the annoucement of the storm to arrive, very likely at that time it's too late and then instead you are going to be counting loses and the next disease you are going to acquire guilt and regret.  Just liberate yourself from the blinders of arrogance and stubborness, look inside and assess. As you are in this process allow for God to help you and instruct you.  "Blessed is the one you discipline, Lord, the one you teach from your law; you grant them relief from days of trouble..." (Psalm 94).

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